Frequently Asked Questions

A: Check our Facebook page for the most current coupon codes!.

A: Generally, between 35-45 minutes, it might be less, if it is more than that we'll call you.

A: Most certainly, however additional fees may apply..

A: Yes! We keep your food hot and safe in a thermo bag.

A: We are the delivery service for all the restaurants listed on this site. When you place your order on the website, we then send it with the restaurant. We dispatch a Mobile waiter to pick up the food, pack it in an insulated carrier and deliver it directly to you. Usually your Driver will be waiting at the restaurant when the food comes out of the kitchen.

A: Whenever you have a special request, click the EDIT button next to your item and type your request. If you have a food allergy, please note that to. Requesting extras may cost more and will be added to your total when necessary.

A: Your Driver relies on the restaurant staff to prepare and pack your order accurately. For your health safety assurance, Drivers are not allowed to open containers. Please take a moment to check your order before your Mobile waiter leaves.

A: You can use the Contact Us form that is at the bottom of the website and also on the app. There is also a phone number on your confirmation email you can call and speak to a Customer Service Representative. We will get incorrect items replaced, missing items delivered or arrange for a credit towards your next order.